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Kathleen Heck’s career has included roles as an Executive Vice President in the financial services industry, a college professor, a market research analyst, a public speaker, an author, and a rocket programmer! Regardless of the job title, her main role has always been to coach and motivate those with whom she worked to greater heights.


Ms. Heck has worked with hundreds of top 5% sales professionals, authors, corporate executives, educators, and management level professionals, assisting them all with truly understanding what they want, like and excel at doing – and then doing it. She taps her hands-on experience and numerous college degrees to help high potential individuals, teams, and companies set concrete goals, and achieve or exceed them consistently.


Having previously worked for PrimeLending, Washington Mutual, PNC, TL Ray Associates, East Stroudsburg University, the US Army, University of Pennsylvania, and American Home Mortgage and obtained degrees from or studied at Notre Dame, U Penn, East Stroudsburg, Wilkes, and Kings, Ms. Heck is also the author of “After the Beep” and “Meltdown: I Need a Plan.” She has completed post graduate work on retention of sales employees, partnered here at the Croyance Group with QFS Sales Solutions and Growth Solutions Group, run effective teams with as many as 3000 members and effectively coached top executives, managers, and employees in several industries. Currently serving as the President of the Croyance Group, Ms. Heck is also a Certified Professional Coach.