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Croyance Group is two things...


First, we are a professional, credentialed coaching organization. We coach individuals and teams to peak performance by realizing significant tangible improvements, through life and career transitions, and by forming the strongest and best teams. Mainly, our goal is to identify what people and teams do best, and like to do most, and then maximizing that. To date, our clients have enjoyed amazing results – 300% improvement in sales volume, double revenue generation, career leaps of 2, 3 and 4 levels, and better health and well being due to focus, balance, productivity, and – yes – happiness.


The second role of the Croyance Group is to use our combined forces to literally identify and meet your personal and corporate needs. Specifically, we have taken start-up companies and directly assisted them in joining the top ten ranks of their industry. We have established rookie hire programs that work. Financial analysis have you stumped? We love getting to bottom line improvements. Need your vision, mission statement or leadership goals tweaked? We’ve assisted a dozen companies in various industries do just that very successfully. If you are not sure what your strengths are, we have tests and exercises that will illuminate that for you almost immediately. And so much more.


Contact us today for an initial consultation and let our one-stop-solution team take you to the next level -- positively.

Kathleen Heck's career has included roles as an Executive Vice President in the financial services industry, a college professor, a market research analyst, a public speaker, an author, and a rocket programmer!

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Susan Gauff is founder and CEO of The Growth Solutions Group, a human capital consulting firm whose mission is to help organizations select, retain and motivate star employees.

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Alice Morris recruited, built, coached, and retained teams who closed over $8 Billion in sales annually.

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Pat Sherlock is founder and President of QFS Sales Solutions.

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Cindy Douglas is an accomplished thirty year veteran of the hyper-competitive home mortgage scene! 

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