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Professional Coaching

Goal Identification and Achievement, Results Focus, Personal or Team Peak Performance, Career Growth or Transition, Change Management, Leadership Development, Life Balance, Career Advancement, Sales Improvement, Profitability Increases, Stress Reduction, Executive Development, Morale Enhancement, Relationship Management, Personal Life Choices, or combinations of these.


Corporate Solutions

 * Professional Sales Selection Tests and Reports

 * Employee and Team Development

 * Sales Acumen Survey

 * Sales Manager Recruiting, Selection or Development

 * Designing Leadership Competencies/Leadership Development Plans

 * Sales Scripting

 * Rookie Sales Program Development

 * Corporate Communications or Growth Strategy, Analysis, Planning, and Implementation

 * Presentations: on Recruiting, Retention, Motivation, Humor, Sales Improvement, Industry Trends, etc



More Corporate Solutions {with linked explanations}

360° Panoramic Surveys

Full MAPP and DSP Stress Testing

Individual, team, and corporate DISC Surveys and results


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