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What others say about Croyance Group President, Kathleen Heck...


Because Kathleen understands the sales business and what it takes to succeed, she is extremely motivating. She knows the steps to bringing your business to the next level and helps you get there. Her commitment and work ethic make her worth listening to. She provides clarity to frustrating business situations and offers solutions that work. All this is done with quick wit, humor, kindness, and concern. For these reasons and because my business has doubled since working with her, I recommend Kathleen to anyone seeking a mentor.

~Lisa Nicholas, PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company


Kathleen is an outstanding leader with great strength of character and wisdom. Many former colleagues remain loyal to Kathleen because true leaders rise to the occasion in times of turmoil. She will tell you what you need to hear and I consider her advice invaluable to any enterprise.

~Jim Owen, Director, Note Advisory


As I enter my 27th year in mortgage lending and reflect upon coaches and mentors that have made a positive impact on my career and life, Kathleen Heck stands among the select few people who have done just that. Kathleen has the credentials to coach all at a high level. She does so in a way that energizes and motivates individuals to achieve their best while focusing on what is most important to that person. I can confidently recommend Kathleen to those who are looking for coaching for themselves or their teams.

~ Mike Axelrood, Regional Manager, PNC


Kathleen Heck can coach in her sleep. It comes so naturally to her that she does it with almost every breath she takes. Whenever you talk with her in business or personally, she draws out your absolute best and gets you to the plan that’s just right for you. Most importantly, these plans are focused on results – whatever results you seek. Whether it’s more sales, improved profit, career growth, work-life balance, reduced stress, personal life decisions, she will help you get what you want.

~Susan Gauff, Founder/CEO, The Growth Solutions Group


Kathleen is an EXCEPTIONAL leader. I was fortunate enough to meet her while working as a manager for PrimeLending. She went above and beyond to reinforce my managerial skills through mentorship for a number of years. Throughout the years I have known Kathleen, she has taught me countless invaluable lessons that I will never forget. I am confident that she will continue to touch many lives through her dedication to support others in need. She exemplifies all the qualities of an excellent leader and coach. It is with honor and sincerity I recommend Kathleen Heck.

~Angie Lee, SVP Corporate Communications, MCS Mortgage Bankers, Inc.


Within my recently published novel, “Doves and Demons”, I commented that Kathleen Heck is the most intelligent woman I know. She is not only intelligent, but also compassionate, skillful and caring. Without her coaching, my book would most probably have never been completed. Because of her encouragement and talented motivation, she assisted me in taking various vignettes I had written separately and organizing them for final completion for book publication. Her coaching and guidance helped me to place stories in a time sequence, develop a theme, and combine all into a highly acclaimed read. In all of our time together, she inspired confidence and hope and, in an affable and warm way, she encouraged me to achieve my goals – faster than I could have imagined. I am grateful to have shared her wise counsel. She is an inspiration for me.

~Dr. Andrew McKenzie, Author “Doves and Demons”


It was a privilege to work with Kathleen Heck. Even though she was very busy with her upper level management responsibilities, she always took time to listen to, analyze, and address any concerns from the field. Kathleen is definitely a role model for anyone wanting to see the results of high intelligence combined with a strong work ethic, and the tenacity to get the job done. She also knows how to use her diplomacy to keep her subordinates happy and on board with a company mission.

~Tammy Aiken, Caliber Funding, LLC


Kathleen Heck is one of the most energetic, knowledgeable, practical and helpful Senior Executives I've ever known. Her experience and common sense approach to daily business combined with her visionary qualities to adapt to future markets provided all of us under her direction with the confidence and positive attitude to go get things done, regardless of the circumstances. She is an excellent speaker as well; witty, humorous, thought provoking and well grounded, making sure her audience genuinely understood the message she was conveying for greater impact.

~David Millsaps, Market Leader, Movement Mortgage


Kathleen Heck is by far one of the most powerful and passionate leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Kathleen had a unique and rarely seen ability to create a following of humble servants who aspired to live her vision. Kathleen’s style is that of passion, humor and compassion. Her “off the cuff” style, amazing wit and bottom line focus are characteristics that all leaders should strive to mirror. Kathleen Heck is an investment in motivation, creativity, execution and bottom line impact. There’s no fluff or frills with Kathleen. What you see is what you get…Excellence, personified.

~Dieter Hertling, CEO Emprove Performance Group, LLC


When I met Kathleen I was immediately impressed as we discussed the programs she envisioned. She is a dynamic leader who inspires and motivates people to surpass expectations. She exhibits strong analytical, problem solving and decision making skills. She is a visionary who is a results-focused professional. Kathleen was always thinking of new ways to grow and develop the business and her team.

~Janise Verdi-Soskil, Sr. Human Resources Business Partner at Wolters Kluwer - Corporate Legal Services


Kathleen is an inspirational leader. A clear eye for detail and a vision how to do things right the first time, it was truly a privilege to work with and learn from her.

~Michael Rossi, Founder and Managing Partner - Greendore LLC


Kathleen is highly respected as someone who is incredibly smart, rapidly understands the issue at hand and swiftly works to move things forward. Kathleen is approachable, has a great sense of humor and is a true leader. Everyone adores and respects Kathleen.

~Sherry von Klitzing, American Advisors Group


Working in the capacity of finance support for Kathleen was an absolute pleasure. Kathleen's business acumen, knowledge and ability to communicate clear concise deliverables made working with her a great experience. Kathleen's business sense and ability to drive bottom line results are complimented by her ability to relate to those she works with. She fosters an environment of inclusiveness and encourages those who work for her to exceed their expectations. Working with Kathleen helped me to be a better Finance Manager today.”

~Ludovico (Lou) Scaglione, Manager, Finance and Accounting, Canon USA


Kathleen Heck is a dynamic leader who can simultaneously appeal to CEO's and employees at any level. She can motivate and coach staff to greater levels of success than they previously enjoyed and deftly uses humor to help get the most complex points across to the team. She's the type of leader that people want to work with. Kathleen is an outstanding leader and communicates vision in a way that is memorable and compelling.

~Jeanne Goldie, Regional Program Manager at Wells Fargo


Kathleen is hands down one of the most dynamic people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Kathleen has an energy and charisma about her that makes her stand out in a crowd. She is extremely intelligent and very well versed in the business of working with people. She is a talented speaker, motivator and teacher. She is also very funny! She taught me that there are many different ways to make and grow a team. She was very well liked by the sales force and moved mountains to enhance their success.

~Amanda Roberts-Cabe, Sales Manager at Aramark Uniform Services


Kathleen has always been willing to help me with her ideas and recommendations which have proven to be very useful. I appreciate Kathleen's guidance and her creativity. Kathleen is always willing to share her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Kathleen is a true professional and a great leader who remains current with all of the changes in industry and the market place.

~Stephen Warrington, Vice President, Fulton Mortgage Company, A Division of Fulton Bank of New Jersey


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